5 Benefits of Copyright Registration

Know the Benefits of Copyright Registration and How to Use Them

Whether you create videos, music, or books, always register all your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office. As copyright lawyers, we recommend doing this to protect your creations from unlawful use. Let's find out how.

Proof of Ownership

Copyright registration gives your work legal protection. It gives you a public record that you own the copyrighted work. This public record is critical when proving your ownership in court.

Legal Protection

In the US, you cannot file a lawsuit for copyright infringement unless the copyright is registered. Your registered copyright becomes part of a public record. It can help deter potential infringers.

Monetary Damages and Attorney’s Fees

You can seek statutory damages and attorney's fees if your work is registered. This can be a huge financial advantage if your creative work gets stolen or used without your permission.

Peace of Mind

Copyright registration is your first line of defense. It creates an official record, which you can use to prevent others from claiming your creative work as theirs. So, it provides peace of mind.

International Protection

Registration can help protect your work globally. Many countries honor U.S. copyrights. Besides, it can help you register your work in other countries, which keeps copyright infringement in check.

How and Where Can You Use Copyright Registration

Copyright can cover different intellectual properties, including books, software, music, videos, and media content. But as they're used and shared in many ways, you need to protect them differently.

Register Your Copyright Now!

Still not sure about copyright registration? Talk to one of the seasoned copyright attorneys at ETB Law. We can help you protect what is rightfully yours. Feel free to reach out whenever needed.