Copyright owners can receive royalties and licensing fees for the use of their protected works. When their works are used without permission, or new works that are based on a copyrighted work are created, the copyright owner has the right to be compensated. Proving these cases can be extremely difficult, and the assistance of qualified legal counsel is essential to ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights.

​At the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, we represent clients on both sides of copyright infringement disputes.

​If you feel that your work is being infringed upon, we will seek full compensation for its use.

​Our lawyers also defend clients against infringement suits. We build strong defense strategies based on fair use laws and utilize proven strategies to protect our clients’ interests. We also provide complete services to business clients to minimize the chances of infringement litigation. We educate them on fair use laws and help them implement strategies to avoid infringement.

​Contact our office in Akron, Ohio, to discuss your copyright litigation needs with an attorney. You can schedule an appointment by calling 330-434-9999

John Skeriotis

Partner – Litigation Practice Chair

John Skeriotis

Areas of Practice

Intellectual Property, Patent, Trademarks, Copyright, Internet Law, Litigation, Licensing







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