Shield Your Valuable Work with Copyright Law

When you have an original piece of work that could be valuable to others, you need to safeguard it as much as possible. Fortunately, there are various ways to ensure that you have control over who gets to use and benefit from your intellectual property. Copyrights protect expressions of ideas and can be used for many different works. Artistic works, written works, musical compositions, architectural drawings, jewelry designs, and software codes can all be copyrighted. 

At the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, our attorneys assist clients with obtaining copyright protection and litigating alleged infringement on protected works. Our copyright prosecution attorneys are here to ensure your rights and IP are safe.

Copyright Prosecution

Some might not think they need the assistance of a copyright prosecution attorney to protect their original creative works. While you automatically have the copyright to an original work of authorship once you create it, this is not enough to ensure its protection. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you don’t need any additional steps to preserve your IP.

Registering your copyright is a voluntary step that is highly recommended if you want greater protection for your work. The copyright prosecution attorneys of Emerson Thomson Bennett can assist you through the process of registering for and obtaining copyright protection. Our team will carefully review your piece of work to determine if it’s eligible to be registered or if it may infringe on an existing work. 

Copyright Infringement 

Once you’ve obtained the proper protection for your original work, you still need to work to ensure no one attempts to use it. While protecting your IP is essential, you also need to ensure that you don’t mistakenly infringe on someone else’s. ​The team at Emerson Thomson Bennett assists clients to help maintain their copyright protection and avoid infringing on existing copyright. 

The litigation group at ETB has experience in prosecuting and defending against infringement actions. We aggressively pursue enforcing or defending our clients’ rights and ensure that our clients are a part of the litigation team. 

​Our copyright practice is focused on helping our clients avoid infringement actions filed on behalf of copyright owners. ​We advise businesses on fair use laws and commonplace activities that can constitute infringement. At Emerson Thomson Bennett, we assist with the development and implementation of internal programs designed to ensure compliance and avoid infringement litigation.

​Protect Your Rights to Your Creative Works

Ensuring that your IP stays in the right hands takes hard work and dedication. Original works of authorship can be extremely valuable assets, and the importance of keeping them safe cannot be underestimated. At Emerson Thomson Bennett, we’re dedicated to protecting your intellectual property and offer various services to help ensure others do not infringe on your rights as the owner. We also want to help you avoid any complications that can arise by unknowingly infringing on another party’s IP.

If you have concerns regarding the protection of your work or avoiding the infringement of another party’s intellectual property, our lawyers can help you find a solution.

Contact our intellectual property law firm for assistance with copyright matters today.

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