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We are experienced in obtaining intellectual property rights not only in the U.S. but around the world. IP rights are not universal. There is no international IP law. This means you need to be active in your efforts to protect your IP overseas. Our attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge your business needs to serve as your foreign IP counsel and more with international IP.

We also serve as U.S. counsel for law firms and corporate entities outside of the United States. International IP protection works both ways. Our experience with international IP counsel extends to businesses that want to expand into the U.S. We routinely file National Phase applications in the U.S. for outside entities who have already filed a PCT Application. We also file trademarks on behalf of non-U.S. entities pursuant to the Madrid Protocol.

For foreign IP counsel who knows how to help your business flourish, contact the attorneys at ETB.

Foreign IP counsel attorneys

Radius of Our Foreign IP Counsel Attorneys


China has one of the largest and most important economies in the world, and being able to expand your brand into the country is important. This could mean working with business partners to help produce products to sell in the U.S. or other countries. This could also mean working with Chinese companies to bring your products and/or services to China or bringing Chinese products and/or services to the U.S. Either way, you need to be sure your business’s IP won’t be abused, and our foreign counsel attorneys can help with that.

Our U.S. intellectual property patent law firm is experienced in serving as U.S. counsel for our Chinese intellectual property colleagues around the world. Our low overhead structure enables us to provide excellent quality at attractive prices. We also visit our Chinese colleagues to further enhance our mutually beneficial relationships.


Our U.S. intellectual property patent law firm is experienced in serving as U.S. counsel for our German intellectual property colleagues around the world. If you’re looking to tap into the businesses, law firms, and industries currently based in Germany, our foreign IP counsel can assist. Similarly to many other countries, you do not want to accidentally encroach on another German IP.

ETB’s current structure enables us to provide excellent foreign IP counsel. Like with other foreign countries, we visit our German colleagues to further enhance our mutually beneficial relationships and stay informed on the shifting international landscape.


Japan’s IP laws are different from the U.S., and in many ways, far stricter. This makes it important for any business looking to expand into or from the Japanese market to have international IP counsel to guide them through the IP filing process. Whether you’re a Japanese business coming to the U.S., or an American business going to Japan, you need international IP attorneys with the knowledge and experience to help.

ETB has the experience, relationships, and skills to guide your American business into the Japanese market in regard to its IP. The same is true for your Japanese business looking to expand into the American market.  As with all of our foreign colleagues, we stay up-to-date and in communication to make sure our services are performing to expectations.

South Korea

South Korea has one of the fastest-growing markets in Eastern Asia, with many of its products expanding into the United States. If you’re looking to partner with a Korean company, expand into South Korea, or protect your IP against a Korean company infringing on it, our international IP attorneys can help.

Our U.S. intellectual property law firm is experienced in serving as U.S. counsel for our Korean colleagues around the world and has their support as South Korean counsel. Being your foreign counsel attorney is about more than being your business’s legal representation. It’s also about having the connections and services that will best help your business succeed and protect its IP from infringement.


Portugal is another country with different trading and IP laws from the U.S. These differences cannot be underestimated when you want to expand into or out of Portugal. Our foreign IP counsel can help you avoid IP issues that may halt the progress of your business’s expansion. With our legal experience and connections, we can help you avoid committing IP infringement and protect yourself against it.


Being part of the European Union, Spain–like Germany and Portugal–is bound by different trade and IP laws that our patent protection law firm has extensive experience handling. If your business isn’t properly prepared, your ability to expand your business into or out of Spain can be severely hampered. With the help of our foreign IP attorneys, we’ll make sure your business is ready for the change in IP laws.

Contact Our International IP Protection Attorneys

If you’re looking to expand your brand and business into a new country or are coming from an outside country to the United States, you’re going to need foreign IP counsel with legal connections between the U.S. and your home country. This way, you can always be properly informed of the legal differences regarding the many types of IP and IP infringement.

When expanding to or trading with a new country, it’s just as important to make sure you’re not infringing on another’s IP as well as to protect your own. IP law can have long-lasting consequences on your business and its assets, so it’s best to protect it as much as possible. For that protection, contact the lawyers at Emerson Thomson Bennett, LLC, at 330-434-9999.

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