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Akron, OH 44313
Phone: 330-434-9999
Fax: 330-434-8888

When someone or some entity infringes your intellectual property rights, you need aggressive, experienced representation to get them to stop. When you are accused of infringing another’s intellectual property, you need to fight back. Emerson Thomson Bennett’s practice is focused entirely on intellectual property law, and our attorneys have the experience, qualifications and courage to get the job done. Our attorneys have experience litigating cases all around the country with experience in a wide variety of technologies in a cost-effective manner. Our Notable Cases are proven results.


Emerson Thomson Bennett has an aggressive patent litigation group consisting entirely of registered patent attorneys whose wide range of technical expertise and insights into United States Patent and Trademark Office procedures provide them with a unique advantage in unpacking the highly complex aspects of patent infringement lawsuits. Our attorneys have successfully litigated patent infringement claims in federal courts throughout the country and are capable of providing comprehensive litigation representation: from infringement opinions to injunctions or temporary restraining orders, from Markman hearings to summary judgment, from trial through appeal, our litigation team is experienced and ready to enforce your valuable patent rights or endlessly work to defend your rights.


Our litigation group represents clients in all aspects of trademark claims. We have litigated both common law and Lanham Act trademark and service mark infringement lawsuits; trade dress disputes; trade secret lawsuits; domain name cybersquatting claims; and dilution, unfair competition and false advertising claims, in both state and federal court. In addition, our attorneys routinely represent clients in trademark oppositions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and have experience in resolving Internet domain name disputes pursuant to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) arbitration procedures. We also offer representation in U.S. Customs counterfeiting cases, and any other trade practice-related case.


Our firm has a longstanding and successful track record of obtaining outstanding results for its copyright clients. Whether representing the plaintiff or defendant, our litigators have demonstrated a particularly adept understanding of the intricacies of copyright litigation. Emerson Thomson Bennett works with its clients to develop a comprehensive copyright protection plan that fully evaluates its strengths and weaknesses and places your copyrights in the best position to receive statutory damages and an award of attorneys’ fees should your copyrights be threatened or questioned and the need for litigation arise.


We also litigate when questions of trade secret violation arise, and in cases of IP violation online.


Our firm is willing to consider contingent fee and hybrid payment fee arrangements in the right circumstances.

Contact the lawyers at Emerson Thomson Bennett, LLC, at 330-434-9999.

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