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1914 Akron-Peninsula Road
Akron, OH 44313
Phone: 330-434-9999
Fax: 330-434-8888


Emerson Thomson Bennett has highly skilled patent, trademark and copyright attorneys who have a background in all scientific disciplines to meet our clients’ needs. From identifying intellectual property, to developing and executing a plan to ensure protection, our lawyers are prepared to help you with a comprehensive IP strategy.

The following is a brief overview of our firm’s intellectual property services:

  • Patents: We work closely with clients to determine the patentability of an invention and the type of application that will be required. If it is patentable, we handle the entire patent prosecution process.

  • Trademarks: Through diligent trademark searches and thorough preparation, we help clients protect corporate identities, brands, product names and other important source-identifying marks. When the time comes we can also provide trademark prosecution on your behalf.

  • Copyrights: We can help you take the necessary steps to protect your written or musical works, artistic works or other copyrightable works through the U.S. Copyright Office. We will also provide copyright prosecution when needed.

  • Internet and domain name disputes: If another party has claimed a domain name that is the same as or confusingly similar to your company name or one of its brands, or if you are being accused of claiming another party’s domain name, we will work to obtain a favorable resolution to the dispute.


We have a full-service litigation group that has aggressively litigated hundreds of cases in federal courts throughout the United States.

Our law firm’s dedicated focus on the practice of intellectual property law assures clients that their needs will be addressed efficiently and effectively with a focus on obtaining a favorable result in every case. Contact our Akron, Ohio, office to schedule an appointment with an attorney. You can reach us by phone at 330-434-9999.

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