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Akron, OH 44313
Phone: 330-434-9999
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A patent protects the owner’s right to utilize their invention exclusive of all others. This includes the manufacture and sale of goods or the use of the process covered by the patent. The patent also gives the owner the exclusive right to license the patented property to other parties. The manufacture of a product or the use of a process that is the same as or largely similar to the one covered by your patent without a licensing agreement can constitute patent infringement.

At the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, we have extensive experience representing clients on both sides of patent litigation disputes. Our focus is result-oriented and quality-oriented. Our brief writing is always drafted and reviewed by our most experienced patent litigators. Our partners will be in charge of everything related to the client’s litigation.

A client’s patent portfolio is often their most important asset and we treat it that way. Your main contact will be with our most experienced patent litigators.

We are responsive to the client’s needs, making the client a part of our litigation team. We aggressively pursue our client’s rights to ensure the best outcomes. For a review of our patent litigation experience and our outcomes in numerous litigations, please visit our Notable Cases page.

Contact our office in Akron, Ohio, to discuss your patent litigation needs with a lawyer. You can reach our attorneys by phone at 330-434-9999.

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