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The world says goodbye to Artur Fischer, a man with 1,100 patents

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Germany is and has always been a leader in innovation, contributing many of the inventions we use in our daily lives. The world said goodbye to one of the greatest inventors of all time on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016 when he passed away near family and friends in Waldachtal, Baden-Württemburg.

Artur Fischer was a man of ideas. Even if you do not recognize his name, you have likely used at least one if not more of his inventions. One of his earliest was synchronized flash photography, a technological process he patented in 1949. He did not stop there.

In the years that followed, Fischer would go on to patent or obtain utility models for over 1,100 more ideas. Thomas Edison was one of the few who paced him, with a total of 1,093 patents.

What were a few of his other inventions?

  • The wall plug: If you’ve ever hung a picture in drywall, you have benefitted from Fischer’s efforts. He created the plastic plug that provides a foothold for screws in softer materials, like drywall.

  • Edible children’s toys: Kids put everything in their mouths, including their toys. It is something parents worry about, but Fischer took away their concerns. He created the first edible toy.

  • Building or engineering sets for kids: Many children have played with variations of Fischer’s fischertechnik construction sets. The toys are not only fun for children, but they encourage kids to become future engineers.

  • Bone fracture solutions: Our bodies are very good at mending broken bones. Fischer developed a line of products that help our bodies do the job better.

The patents that Artur Fischer held no doubt spanned continents. Obtaining a patent in Germany protects the idea within borders, but we live in a global market. Inventors are often required to obtain multiple patents in multiple jurisdictions, which requires a network of dependable legal partners.

For those who need to obtain a patent in the United States, they need not look further than the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, LLC. Since 1992, our intellectual property attorneys have helped law firms around the world, including in Germany, obtain U.S. patents for their clients.

Unsere US-Patentanwaltskanzlei für geistiges Eigentum hat Erfahrung in der US-Rechtsberatung für unsere deutschen Kollegen rund um die Welt. Unsere niedrige Fixkostenstruktur ermöglicht uns, hervorragende Qualität zu attraktiven Preisen anzubieten. Wir besuchen auch unsere deutschen Kollegen, um unsere für beide Seiten vorteilhaften Beziehungen zu intensivieren.

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