Autocorrect can be very helpful when you are not sure how to spell something or are typing a little too quickly, but it can also be a little bit disastrous if you are not paying close attention – like when a son responds to mom, “no idiot” when he meant to say, “no I don’t.” There are even sites dedicated to these missteps that arise when autocorrect goes horribly wrong. Some of them are funny, and some are a little sad or upsetting.

Fortunately, for people who feel that autocorrect is the bane of their existence, Apple is working to make the feature better, more intuitive, and less likely to cause unintentional embarrassment. One of the features Apple is considering in this goal, is the underlining of anything autocorrect changes.

With the underlining, the corrected words would stand out and be easier for users to see. As a result, you would have a better idea of what was changed, and would be able to fix anything the program corrected incorrectly.

It may take a few seconds longer, but it would also make things a lot easier for people who frequently rely on autocorrect and end up with some uncomfortable moments because of changes they didn’t notice until it was too late. Right now, using autocorrect often takes longer because people have to send more messages to clarify what they meant. Avoiding that can mean more productive – and less embarrassing – conversations.

Texting mistakes can be more than embarrassing

Taking autocorrect seriously and making it better is not just about making a good impression on your friends or that person you met at a gathering. So much texting takes place in the business world, that making awkward mistakes with autocorrect has the potential to hurt your chances of promotion, raises, and even being hired at all.

Avoiding those kinds of problems is a big part of business, and may require you to turn autocorrect off if you do not feel the program can be trusted to make the right decisions about the words you wanted to use.

Mistakes in a patent application can be disastrous and extremely costly

Apple is in the process of patenting its new process for avoiding mistakes. What happens if you make a mistake in the process of protecting your idea? If your company files for any kind of patent, mistakes such as the ones often caused by autocorrect can be extremely damaging in the application process and after.

Your patent application is highly important, and if you make an error, you can quickly find you’re your patent is either denied or you could end up with a patent for something that isn’t what you actually wanted to have. It is very important that you clearly understand your idea and start your process with the end product or result in mind. You will also want to carefully go over the application more than once, so you catch any mistakes.

Hiring the right patent attorney is the best way to protect your idea and obtain a patent that does what it is supposed to. Do not just pick the first one you find, because they are not all created equally. When you have the right legal professional on your side, you will be better able to make sure the patent application process goes smoothly.

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