As intellectual property attorneys, we at Emerson Thomson Bennett must do our due diligence every time we take a case. With that much repetition and experience, we understand the importance of due diligence in IP law and management. In today’s competitive business landscape, companies must not only protect their intellectual property but also ensure that they are not infringing on others. Making sure your IP isn’t being infringed upon is half the battle. The other half is making sure you’re not infringing on someone else.

Understanding Due Diligence in Intellectual Property Law

Due diligence is a legal concept that refers to the process of conducting thorough research and investigation before completing a task, such as signing a contract, starting a business prospect, or some endeavor of significant risk. Filing for a new intellectual property certainly counts. In the context of IP law, due diligence involves reviewing and assessing all aspects of a company’s intellectual property assets to identify any potential risks or opportunities.

Doing your due diligence can include evaluating: 

  • Patents 
  • Trademarks 
  • Copyrights 
  • Trade secrets

The goal of due diligence in IP law is to ensure that your intellectual property is adequately protected, does not violate another business’s IP protection, and identifies any other potential issues that may arise.

Strategies for Maintaining Best Practices

To maintain best practices in IP law, companies must have a comprehensive strategy in place. This includes regularly monitoring and evaluating their intellectual property assets, as well as implementing proper documentation and record-keeping procedures.

Additionally, companies must stay up-to-date with changes in IP law and industry trends. This allows you to adapt your strategies accordingly and stay ahead of any potential issues or opportunities.

At ETB Law, we work closely with our clients to develop tailored strategies that address their specific needs and goals. Our experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of IP law and stay informed on the latest developments to provide our clients with the best possible guidance.

The Benefits of Due Diligence in IP Law

Proper due diligence in IP management has numerous advantages for businesses. First, it can help identify potential infringement issues early on, minimizing the risk of costly legal disputes in the future.

Secondly, due diligence can help uncover opportunities to make the most of your company’s intellectual assets. This could be through licensing, selling, or expanding the use of existing intellectual properties. 

In addition, effective due diligence can aid in the decision-making process during mergers and acquisitions by providing a clearer picture of a company’s IP portfolio.

Lastly, diligent IP management supports innovative activities by securing and protecting the fruits of research and development efforts. At ETB Law, we ensure that your business reaps all these benefits by providing thorough and effective IP due diligence services.

How ETB Law Can Help

Our intellectual property attorneys at ETB Law can assist you and your company in conducting your due diligence in IP management. We have a proven track record of helping businesses identify potential risks, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective strategies for protecting and maximizing their intellectual property assets.

Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their current IP portfolio. We then work to develop customized strategies that meet your unique needs and goals.

In addition, our attorneys can also assist you and your company in conducting due diligence for potential mergers, acquisitions, or licensing agreements. There are business mergers that are sought out strictly because of the IP one business has that another wants. This includes reviewing the intellectual property assets of the target company and identifying any potential issues or liabilities.

Contact the Intellectual Property Attorneys at ETB Law

In today’s competitive business landscape, due diligence in IP law is crucial for companies to not only protect their intellectual properties but also avoid costly legal disputes. At Emerson Thomson Bennett, our team of experienced attorneys can help businesses maintain best practices in IP management through our comprehensive due diligence services. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in safeguarding and maximizing your intellectual property assets. 



We provide complete intellectual property representation to business owners, inventors and artists in all matters related to the establishment and protection of domestic and international patents, trademarks and copyrights. Attorneys at our firm also serve as in-house IP counsel for companies whose needs do not call for a full-time internal position.


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