A patent infringement case recently ended involving the multinational technology companies Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., alleged to have infringed several of the patents covering Apple’s smartphone products.

The full trial ended in 2012 when a jury awarded Apple Inc. $930 million verdict for damages, which a federal court judge later reduced to $548 million. In December 2015, the judge ruled on the issue of litigation costs and the company walked away with a final award of nearly $550 million.

This multimillion-dollar award was not a record-setting verdict. It was not even close. It is, however, an example of the crucial role intellectual property plays in the global market. Foreign companies are willing to spend millions to protect their valuable IP assets, but finding a strategic legal partner in the U.S. is challenging. Inexperience at any step in patent prosecution can be costly, including the initial search.

U.S. patent databases are extensive. Searching them is an art in-and-of itself, requiring and understanding of and the ability to interpret complex legal, technical and descriptive terms used to describe existing ideas and processes used in a wide range of industries.

Additionally, because patents applications seek to protect new and innovative ideas, an attorney must also be able to anticipate how others have used these terms to describe potentially similar inventions.

Since 1992, the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, LLC has helped foreign inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses successfully protect their intellectual property in the U.S.

Our law firm’s four partners alone offer more than 85 years of combined experience providing sophisticated intellectual property solutions to businesses from small partnerships to Fortune 500 companies headquartered worldwide, including businesses China, Korea and Japan.

As a boutique firm, our attorneys are able to work closely with customers overseas to handle all of their intellectual property needs in the U.S. When we determine that a company’s invention is patentable, we handle every step of the application process without charging the excessive hourly rates required by large law firms.

If you represent a company in need of intellectual property assistance in the U.S., we encourage you to visit our website and read more about our services.

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We provide complete intellectual property representation to business owners, inventors and artists in all matters related to the establishment and protection of domestic and international patents, trademarks and copyrights. Attorneys at our firm also serve as in-house IP counsel for companies whose needs do not call for a full-time internal position.


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