In-House IP Counsel

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A company’s intellectual property is its most important asset, and ensuring that it is properly protected is essential. Many companies decide to outsource their entire intellectual property portfolio and we serve as in-house intellectual property counsel for numerous clients.

In-house IP counsel rely upon us to provide responsiveness and a high-quality work product whether it is in prosecution or litigation. Our patent, trademark and copyright prosecution process consists of partner reviews of all work products that leaves our firm. Our litigation team works together on every brief, motion and discovery to ensure that our work product is second to none in the country.

Our experienced and responsive attorneys can address all of your administrative and legal intellectual property needs, from applying for and maintaining patents, trademarks and copyrights, to addressing any disputes that may arise.

Having our firm handle your day-to-day needs can be a much more cost-effective solution compared to hiring a lawyer on an as-needed basis.

We will conduct a thorough review of your intellectual property assets, identify any that could be vulnerable and take steps to ensure that they are protected. In addition, we will proactively monitor your intellectual property and ensure that they are renewed in a timely manner. In short, we are your intellectual property group.

Contact our office in Akron, Ohio, to discuss your company’s intellectual property protection and litigation needs by calling 330-344-9138 or toll free at 800-822-8113. You can also contact us via email.