Copyrights protect expressions of ideas. Artistic works, written works, musical compositions, architectural drawings, jewelry designs and even software code can all be copyrighted. At the law firm of Emerson Thomson Bennett, our attorneys assist clients with obtaining copyright protection as well as litigating alleged infringement on protected works.

Our litigation group has experience in prosecuting and defending against infringement actions. We aggressively pursue enforcing or defending our clients’ rights and ensure that our clients are a part of the litigation team.

Our copyright practice is focused on helping our clients avoid infringement actions filed on behalf of copyright owners.

We advise businesses on fair use laws and commonplace activities that can constitute infringement. We assist with the development and implementation of internal programs designed to ensure compliance and avoid infringement litigation.

If you have concerns regarding the protection of your work or avoiding the infringement of another party’s intellectual property, our lawyers can help you find a solution. Contact our Akron, Ohio, office at 330-434-9999.